There are several types of horse breeds in the world; some are more distinct than the others. Some are direct bloodlines of royal or race horses. They are great animals which are expensive but they can actually be great companions for children or adults. Some can even compete in races and win medals too. There are several categories out there but here are the top types for you to consider:

An Arabian is one which was brought from Arabia and is considered as one of the oldest breeds found in the world. It looks like a thoroughbred and an American quarter in its features. The animal has only one less vertebra and rib than any other species out there. It can run for long periods of time and is even known for excelling in championships too. If you are looking for one for races then you must consider this one. These horses come in white and grey and they weigh around 800 pounds. Try to purchase the right size box stable so that it can live comfortably. Ask an experienced agents friend for horse racing tips tomorrow too.

The American paint horse originated from ancient Roman and Spain and it is known for its riding and roping skills. They have several markings all over their bodies which are also known as called Sabino and tobiano which stains the animal’s skin. This animal can weigh around 1200 pounds too as it grows older.

This animal is majestic and is also known as one of the most popular breeds of horses. It is an old species but it can run several miles. It is mainly known for its agility in races, if you are unsure check for horse racing tips on the internet or on any magazines. It can even round cattle too. The animal has several patterns and markings on its body which come in different colors of brown and black.

This animal came from other parts of the world like Europe and Asia. It was difficult at one point for people to figure out from where they exactly originated from. They have several markings on their body too. Some have it on their lips, private parts and eyes too. This one is great if you are looking for an athletic horse to enter in races. Make sure that you build a strong bond with the animal beforehand too. Remember to always pick an animal that you want you must never purchase anything which you are not truly happy with as it can only cause problems for you. You will then end up wanting to sell the animal to someone else. The poor creature might have no home in the end! To know more about Australia horse racing, visit this site.